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Modern electronics contain many harmful and toxic substances such as mercury and lead. More than 63 million tons of computer equipment is taken out of service each year, and 85% of it will end up in the landfills, according to the National Safety Council.


Cypress IT Pros strives to reduce the toxic and destructive impact on our environment from electronic waste. Don’t throw your old electronic waste in a dump or stick it in the garbage. Please bring your old computers and cell phones us for safe reuse and recycling.

Modern electronics contain many harmful and toxic substances

Cypress IT Pros is looking to be one of Cypress's "greenest" businesses. To help us to acheive that end, we are offering free recycling for all your old computers, phones and other electronic equipment.  


Your old electronics can often be re-used as well, creating an opportunity for someone else that may not have the resources to acquire the latest electronics.

Bring your old electronics to Cypress IT Pros for safe reuse and recycling

"What a great place! My computer could not be fixed so he did not charge me!"

Lee M.

Bring your computer and other electronics in for FREE recycling services


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